P.C.L Introduction

P.C.L was born in 2013 and is a brand founded by Mr. Pan Chunlin, who has been in the beauty industry for over 12 years. As a well-known high-end American brand in the industry, P.C.L is involved in semi-permanent, eyelashes cosmetology, nail cosmetology, skin care, beauty drawing, image design, photography and many other industrial fields. It is mainly aimed at the education and training of global beauty practitioners and the female consumers who are pursuing beauty.

P.C.L always adheres to the business philosophy of "innovation, quality, diversity, devotion, and gratitude", strictly controls the quality, and follows all-around service tracking. It is in line with the tenet of "all-around, personalized and professional". Combining advanced technology with traditional concepts, the interpretation of implicit oriental aesthetics culture.

Brand Culture
PCL mission: Meet a more beautiful self
Business philosophy: innovation, quality, diversity, dedication, gratitude
Business purposes: all-round, personalized, professional
Teaching Expert
    Teaching Environment
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